With connection by means of remote desktop software

He takes his program of management to the cloud and connects myself from the office or any place. He will be safer and he will not have to invest more in servers. He will always use the last technology.

Cloud solution for any program of management designed under Windows

A technological one thought for companies of any type. By means of this solution, your program of management does not settle in the physical servant of the office, but it settles in an external servant, to whom you accede by means of a Connection of Remote desktop software (CER). Integrating this technology in your company you will obtain many advantages and you will save time and money in the maintenance and update of the equipment.

Advantages of the Servant Windows

You will not have to invest in the update and maintenance of the machine nor of software. You will always have the last technology, completely updated.
It avoids that the data are lost due to physical damages caused by fires, floods and other accidents. Always safe and will be put under strict protection and control measures of.
It lightens the weight of your technological infrastructure and its corresponding maintenance. In addition, it offers the flexibility and optimization of the resources that the work in the cloud contributes.

Product characteristics

With all the advantages of the technology cloud

System of high availability

It assures that the machine will be available in a matter of minutes in case a serious failure of the nonrecoverable hardware takes place, that requires the replacement of some physical component of the servant.

Backup copy system €œ30 days€ supervised

We were in charge to install, to form and to monitor the backup copy of the servant in an independent system. We review the configuration of the machine and fit the copy so that everything has it. The copy is daily and maintains the state of last the 30 days.

Service of administration

You will behind have to everything a team of administrators. Professional people who take in serious the administration from the service and the protection of the data of the client.

You will deal with professionals

You will feel calm knowing that you are working with a group of people whom you can trust, structured well, with full name, to which you can go at any time.

Protection anti disaster

To move to the cloud applications critics of the company is an optimal solution for the physical protection of the data. Because they are physically outside the company, an additional protection against robberies and other calamities gains, as fires and floods.

Consolidation of data in the future

Because the applications are installed in servers of virtualized platform, you will not have to change your servant because hardware has spoiled. You will be able to count on the application until your business decides to do without her and not due to failures of physical components.

Basic plan

Product: WinCER. Price: 135 ‚¬/mes (IVA noninlcuido). It includes 5 Connections of Remote desktop software (CER).

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Packs Additional

Packs is cumulative. For example, if you need six 2 additional connections can contract packs CER3.

3 CERInitiation

‚¬ 25

To the Month
  • Pack of 3 additional connections of remote desktop software.

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Advanced CER 5

‚¬ 40

To the Month
  • Pack of 5 additional connections of remote desktop software.

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