Cloud deprived for the management of the productivity

It stores, it shares and it collaborates in documents, it administers the calendar and it at any moment communicates with your equipment by means of video chats, maintaining the control of the data.

All the benefits of the collaboration online without risks of security nor normative fulfillment

Nextcloud works as professional Dropbox or Google Drive, with the difference of which everything settles and manages from your own private platform. Therefore never we shared your data with third parties, neither they analyze neither they process neither they include cession clauses. Your data will be always under your strict control, thus fulfilling the RGPD of the European Union.

Advantages of Nextcloud

Control of access

We can also grant access only to users and certain clients with IP and by VPN. This way, even knowing the passwords, they must accede from previously authorized IPs.

Backup copy

Our Nextcloud service includes complete backup copies of last the 30 days, so that it is possible to accede and to recover stored data that have been erased during the last month.

Fulfillment of RGPD

We use the ecosystem of our partner ASPL, with datacenters in own infrastructure Spain. We guarantee that the data never are process by us nor share with companies third.

Applications of Nextcloud collaboration

Nextcloud Files

It creates and it shares documents from any device: computers, tablets, mobiles and Web. It blocks the archives until you have finished publishing them.

Nextcloud Talks

Audio video and beam called of and talk by means of text chat through navigator and the movable interfaces with shared use of integrated screen.

Nextcloud Groupware

Nextcloud can integrate Calendar, Contacts, Mail and other functions of productivity to help the equipment to carry out its faster and easier work.

Nextcloud contributes technology to the needs of multiple sectors





Mass media


Customized plans from only 98‚¬ to the month

Nextcloud is completely burglaryable, adapting to the needs of your company at every moment. Gave us which are yours and we will help search the best solution you.

Ll¡manos to +34 615 346 760 or writes us for more information

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