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The requisite minimums to make business by Internet

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The majority of the businessmen knows that nowadays it is necessary to be in Internet, but many do not know how. Here I will explain the requisite minimums to make business by Internet. An excellent form to begin is through a corporative webpage. In her we showed who we are, what we do, how we worked and where we are: the essential so that any person can know our company.

As it can imagine, different levels from presence in Internet exist, but the basic thing is three things:

1. Registry of Domain

It is the name by which one is going away to know our company or it marks in Internet; what we wrote in the bar of the navigator when somebody wants to visit the webpage. The habitual structure is:

The last part of the name (.com) makes reference to the type of company or its geographic scope: €œ.com€ for commercial companies and brands generally; €œ.net€ for companies related to Internet and computer science; €œ.es€ for Spanish companies; €œ.org€ for ocal organizations or ONG's, etc.

2. Design of the webpage

It is the design, proper, of the website. The tools available for the development of a website are many. The important thing is that the product that we obtain responds to our needs and is attractive to the visitor.

3. Hosting

Tenth €œpage€, but in fact is a website. So that a site is made up of a set of pages. All the webpages and the images that appear in them are contained and organized in a folder, with their corresponding subfolders. That folder must be kept in a species from computer, denominated servant, so that when we write the direction in the navigator ( can be found and shows the content the visitor.


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