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How I choose the name at the time of registering domain?

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We already know what we needed as minimum to be able to have presence in Internet: a domain name (, for example), the own webpage (static, dynamic and actualizable page by the client, lies down online€¦) and, finally, the lodging or hosting (a space that we reserved in a servant to keep our webpage and to have it there always available.

In this article we are going away to center in the domain name, explaining what aspects we must consider to register domain and to choose it correctly. But before, we indicate in how many parts a name is made up a domain in Internet.

  • agenciausm €“ Domain that corresponds to our own name.
  • .com €“ Suffix or top-level domain.

1. Advice to choose good reputation of domain

It is good idea that is descriptive, as far as possible, on which he represents. If we are carpenters and our carpentry is called the Elm tree, better to choose €œcarpinteriaelolmo€ that €œelolmo€ solo. The first option contributes all the possible information: that it belongs to a carpentry and that is called €œthe Elm tree€. We could include an element descriptive, more corresponding to the geographic location of the business. If we are in Seville, we could use €œcarpinteriaelolmosevilla€ or €œcarpinteriaelolmoensevilla€. In any case, we must try to maintain a simple name and not too long (by a practical question at the time of writing it).

The key is that he is descriptive.

2. Advice to choose the suffix or top-level domain.

Also is useful that the suffix contributes information on the type of business or organization that represents, as well as its geographic location. Suffixes of two types exist, those that indicate nationality: .es, .fr, .it, .eu, etc., and those that talk about the type of business or organization: .com for commercial activities; .net for businesses or organizations related to Internet; .org for non-profit organizations; .mobi for websites thought for movable devices, etc. The suffix more known by all is .com.

There are times in which it interested to emphasize the international and commercial profile of the company, reason why we would use .com. Others however would interest that the image of the business in Internet is strongly tie to its nationality; if this business is Spanish will use .es.

The key is the combination of the factors €œtypology€ and €œterritoriality€ of the business.


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