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To make a webpage. What type I choose?

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Of the three operations that we must realise so that our company has own Web, already we have seen first: the election of the domain name. Now, in this article we are going to treat the second requirement: to make a webpage or, more concretely, the election of the type of website that better adapts to our company, clients and product or service that we offer.

You can imagine the ample thing to me that it is this field. However, I will only explain what I consider essential that a person of businesses must know at the time of confronting the hiring of a service of design Web. That is to say, neither the more nor the less, the types of common websites the more.

Page done in Flash.

The basic characteristics of these sites is that they have much movement. They are falsified and very attractive. It is a resource used in the sectors of the art and the spectacle, where one looks for to impress the user. Flash is even used for games online.
An example:



CMS (Content Management System)

The content managers are one of the best and more popular solutions for pages corporative Webs, blogs, stores even online. One is tools that allow to have complex websites, with many pages, several languages and an endless ones of functionalities. You can get to make with them almost any thing as far as relation with the client talks about. Many of these managers of content are gratuitous. In my opinion, a CMS is the best solution benefit-price for a SME. You enter most popular are WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.
An example:


It lies down Online

It is the ideal solution when our intention is to sell by Internet. In her the products or services are organized by categories or sections. When you choose one is added to a €œbasket of the purchase€, that you can consult at any time. The payment usually becomes in the same page by means of credit card. By all means, the company has access to a totally complete Control Panel where to manage any aspect related to the store. Between the most popular solutions they are Opencart, Magento and Prestashop.



The election of the website will depend on the type on company, product and client. In any case, if we want to sell by Internet the best option would be a store online. If we looked for a solid presence with possibilities of being improving in all the aspects, it would recommend a CMS. If on the contrary we want to promote a very concrete event, for example a circus spectacle, would be then a good option the system Flash.


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