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The importance of having a good lodging Web

By 22 February, 2019April 15th, 2020One Comment

Each servant has a €œunique national identity document€, what is called IP. When you register a domain, you design the webpage and metheglins, it is necessary to tell him to the recorder of the domain that whenever there is a call to that domain goes to the user to the IP of our servant, where is the folder of the website.
Many types of lodging exist, from small spaces for a simple Web to thought special plans for great portals of contents.

The lodging plans Web more and more are advanced and offer more services: much space, accounts of mail, data bases, backup copies€¦

If we needed to contract a plan of hosting, my recommendation is to contact with one or several companies suppliers of this service, to tell them what type of page we are going to lodge and what other services we will need (accounts of e.mail, data bases, space in the cloud, etc.). Generally, the lodging company is also in charge of the registry of the domain.

Another option is to let itself advise by our designer Web, that will know the sector far better, recommending us therefore a good company and, within her, the plan that better adapts to our needs.


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