Hybrid Cloud Management, the management of the future

By 16 September, 2019April 15th, 2020NonComments

Basically we could say that Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) is the process of control of different platforms in the cloud, some public and other private ones. That is to say, that stops the management of our business we can be using services cloud that can be gratuitous public and, as Google Drive, and other deprived services, as for example Dropbox. The integral management of all this ecosystem is what is called HCM.

Software exist that allow the management of the Hybrid Cloud through an only Control Panel, from where we will manage our Hybrid Cloud, but it becomes necessary to manage integration not to have problems very well, since usually it is a considerably complex process. However, this technology totally will be implanted in the next years, giving passage to surroundings of completely installed work in the cloud. In fact nowadays either we used the cloud for many the more things of which we create, as the lodging of webpages or the servers Windows with remote desktop software.


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