Nextcloud, the private cloud

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In the present technological ecosystem the solutions for all type abound with needs who can have a company, is of the size that is. We in USM are focused to offer technological solutions to professionals and small and medium businesses. And one of the solutions that are being used more nowadays is the space in the cloud, or destined to storage or for the software installation of management (e-mail, agenda, chat, etc.). In this article we are going to present a private cloud based on the Nextcloud solution.

Nextcloud offers a platform of collaboration of content leader in the industry. Its technology combines the utility and ease of use of solutions as Dropbox and Google Drive, but in own surroundings of security, privacy and control. This way the client always has control of his data in the most literal and direct sense. Their data are in their datacenter, in a servant administered by the same (through its supplier of hosting), instead of being floating in some place of the cloud.

And to really understand to us, Nextcloud is as Google Cloud, but unlike this one with Nextcloud all the information is in your own infrastructure, so that your company always has the total control of the data and the processes. In addition, in the same way that Google Cloud has different applications (You Tube, Photos, drive, Contacts, Calendar€¦), Nextcloud also has its own applications with functionalities similar to those of Google.

In the own Web of Nextcloud one publishes comparative between Nextcloud and other solutions of the market, public and private.

Shelp this we can consider if to use a private cloud (Nextcloud) or a public cloud (Google Cloud). The decision will go based on the needs of each company and the priorities as far as privacy and benefits. Although the certain thing is that in many cases we will end up simultaneously using both solutions, what is called hybrid cloud.


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