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How to design a webpage (1/2). Content

By 2 March, 2019April 15th, 20203 Comments

Magnificent! We already have our name of domain and our plan of contracted lodging. So we already can begin to design a webpage. In this occasion we are going to talk about to a corporative Web, that is to say, a website where we are going to show who we are and what we do.

For me, most important it is than we transmit a message simple, and clearly direct; and if he is brief, far better, because we sail by very fast Internet, without entretenermos much.  In my opinion, a webpage must contain the following information:

  • Who we are. Here we reflected our philosophy of company, our character, our way to understand the businesses and the relation with the client.
  • Our products or services. We will detail what we always offer to the market, of a clear way, mainly if the product or service is something complicated to understand.
  • Information of contact. We have to facilitate the work to those who is interested in us, so we will have very accessible the contact data: phone number, e.mail, user of Skype, WhatsApp€¦
  • Why we. Here we must transmit our added value, the reasons for which a potential client could buy or contract our services. This can be in an independent page or as an idea reflected in general terms in all the website.

The important thing is that the user can know us in a few clicks and just a short time. This is the basic thing. From here, we can have functionalities so outposts as we want or we need: it mentions online, management of documentation and unloading of files, calendar, center of technical support, system of orders online for the commercial equipment, etc, etc.


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