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How to design a webpage (2/2). Graphical design

By 7 March, 2019April 15th, 20202 Comments

Since we have explained in the previous article in relation to how designing a webpage, it is important that we give clear information and needs whom we are and what we do. The user will be thankful that we do not make him waste the time. In addition, a clear, direct and brief message will generate confidence in the ususario.

But not only confidence with an impeccable text is generated, but other factors, as the good taste, the right combination of colors or the good images, generate in the usuary sensation of security.

Next we give some advice so that their webpage is nice and generates confidence in the user:

  • Principle KISS. Keep It Simple Stupidly, that is to say, mantenla (the structure of the content) stupidly simple. It does not complicate the design with filigrees that end up entangling the understanding of the message. Moral convention is to put the elements (text, images€¦) some above of the other. This will favor in addition the visualization to the content in movable devices.
  • Responsive. Thus it is called to the styles, groups or subjects that adapt to the different devices from which the website visualizes: computer, mobile phone or tablet.
  • He chooses a subject or he soles and he follows the instructions of the developer. If we decided on a CMS for the development of our website, we will have to apply a design group, which we will have to acquire in the market of styles for CMS's, or of gratuitous payment or. It is worth the trouble to use required time in this phase of the development of the site and choose the group or subject that better adjusts to our company, product/service and client. The developers generally contribute to complete docmentaci³n on the installation and configuration of the group, in addition to tutorial to remove the maximum yield to the design.
  • The power of the image. It chooses photographic images of much quality and with great original size, because that will allow more options us of use. A good image is able, by itself, to transmit powerful messages.
  • It takes care of the details. He is peculiar at the time of choosing the images, the menu, the typographies, the colors, the bellboys, horizontal lines and other separators of contents, etc.
  • Always improving. Once the design is concluded and publishes the page, lets it roll during a time and later make evolve it. The use will be saying to him how to improve it.

Really, it does a fine work, it spends required time to make an attractive website, that it invites to be visited. And it does not forget that it is the showcase of his business.


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