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If its company has or aspires to acquire a certification ISO or similar, it will have periodically to make a survey of satisfaction to his clients, with the intention of which they value the quality of the service or product that you offer to them.

For surveys of quality or any other type tools exist that simplify the process surprising. One of these tools is the questionnaire of Google Docs.

Google Docs is a set of tools similar to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point€¦) that the user uses in the cloud (cloud), that is to say, Internet, and they store themselves in Google Drive.

Google Drive is a space in the gratuitous cloud of Google, where the users can create documents (with Google Docs) and store them. In order to use the service it is necessary to have an account of Google.

That is to say, that with an account of Google you have the service Google Drive (space of gratuitous storage) and Google Docs (office automation tools). The documents that I create with Google Docs are stored in Google Drive.

Questionnaire of Google Docs for surveys

To create a quality questionnaire is extremely easy. Basically they are had to follow the following steps:

  • To accede to Google Docs.
  • To create a new document.
  • To select €œquestionnaire€ as document type.
  • To form the questionnaire basically and to add the questions, in addition to the type of answer (squares of selection, valuation from the 1 to the 10, etc.).
  • Once the questionnaire is created shares through a connection that we sent to the clients, for example, through an e-mail. All that one that receives the mail and punctures in the connection will be able to answer the survey.
  • The answers of each questionnaire are added to a spreadsheet automatically, consequently we can accede easily and at any time to the results of the survey.

An idea sees the following images to become of the process.

It really is that simple. An example of how using the suitable technology we can save time and to increase the productivity in our company.

It interests this system to Him for his surveys? It contacts with us and we will advise without cost nor commitment to him some.

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