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A Newsletter (that in English literally means €œbulletin of the news€) is €œa commercial€ e-mail that is sent of massive form, through what we announced a product, a supply or we even congratulated per Christmas. The basic characteristics is that it is visually attractive, because of being designed with the corporative image of the company: it takes the logo, a head, images, bellboys€¦ the aspect is similar to the one of a webpage. In fact some can be visualized in a navigator.

On the other hand, the confidentiality of the adressees adjusts to the Law of Protection of Data, mantiendo (nobody knows who more has reciibido the mail). And most important, from the point of view of that sends it, it is that the program that we used to create and to send newsletters allows us to know the yield the campaign: we will know who has received the mail, who has opened it, from where, with what navigator, who has made click, in what connects, etc, etc. A very valuable information, because it allows us to know the behavior and preferences our client or potential client, which will cause that in the future we send newsletters in agreement with his tastes more and I interest. He isn't brilliant?

For the management of newsletters specific programs in surroundings are used Web.

How work does a program of newsletters?

The use of this solution is based on four fundamental aspects:

  • Lists of contacts. It serves us to organize the adressees of our post office. We can have different lists and each in each we can use a card of different contact. We did not need the same data a sport organization that of a mechanical factory. The Law forces what is called to that all our contacts have given previously their consent, opt-in.
  • Creation of the Newsletter. Generally these programs have a gallery of predesigned groups. Once we choose the one that more adjusts to our needs, we opened it in the publisher and we add our content to him, that can be of all type (images, bellboys, etc.).
  • Shipment of the campaign. We choose newsletter, the list of contact and sent, with the guarantee of which our communication respects all the effective norm in the matter of Protection of Data. In fact, to all the emails adds a foot to them where the program automatically introduces the data of the contact and the option to terminate itself just by to make click in a connection. In addition the servers from whom the campaign is sent fulfill the necessary protocols so that the post office are not considered Spam (not wished mail trash or).
  • Report and Statistics of camapa±a. We can know how many emails has been given, how many they have been opened, in how many of has made click and in what connects, etc. This is the most interesting part, as it has been explained already, because it allows us to know the yield camapa±a and, above most extraordinary, the behavior of our client. If we sent an email with two 5 supplies and one of them clicks has whereas the other has 50, is clear which has liked more.

Statistical report of usmailing

Integration with other tools of marketing

The tool to newsletter we can integrate it with our webpage perfectly, for example through a subscription form. This form is created from the program of newsletter and when creating we formed it to what list the new contacts will be added. The resulting form is in fact a code fragment that we placed in the place wished within our webpage. The person who the visit can be susbribir to our newsletter just by to introduce its email. The process of interaction between tool of newsletter and webpage would be the following one:

  • We create the form in the program of newsletter and we inserted it in the Web.
  • A visitor of our Web sees the form and she subscribes.
  • When subscribing its contact is added to a specific list and receives a welcome email automatically.
  • Later we raised one snapes like a bwll of marketing, for example, to present a promotion.
  • We publish all the information of the promotion in the webpage.
  • We design to newsletter with basic information on the promotion, including bellboys who connect to the webpage, where the client completes the information. We send€¦
  • The contact receives newsletter, punctures in the button €œMore information€ and accedes to the webpage to complete the information.

Most important of a tool of this type it is that it allows us to know the behavior and taste our client or potential client. Therefore we can campaign more intelligent, thinking about the client more than in us. It will improve its experience and will cause that it is identified better with our brand, and thus we will be able fidelizar it, and so she will be a client de futuro.


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