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Any user of e-mail must himself face the newspaper with messages nonwished, that they come from unknown senders, with publicity or apparently normal content. It is the denominated Spam or mail trash, one of the €œhorses of battle€ of the security in Internet nowadays.

Origin of the term

Word Spam comes from World War II, when it was custom that the relatives of the Soviet and British soldiers sent tin food to them, one of which was with meat and Spam was denominated. Years later, in 1970, the group of British comedians Monty Python created a sketch in which Spam in all the plates was included. From the term one became popular here in computer science as denomination of which you give without to want it you.

Etymological, the term comes from the United States, where the pork butcher company Hormel Foods created in 1937 a tin meat that was called Hormel's Spiced Ham. So Spam arises by the contraction of Spiced Ham.

The first Spam

Two theories exist about the first messages Spam that were sent. One points its origin in 1978, when the ARPANET employees, precursory system of Internet, received an e-mail of the company of DEC computers in which they invited to them to the launching of a new product.

The other theory later puts the origin in 1994, year in which the Canter law firm and Siegel published in Usenet a message of publicity of its writing desk, invoicing to the day near 10,000 dollars by the hiring of services.

Types of Spam

Numerous forms and channels exist by which information nonwished arrives: social e-mail by all means, WhatsApp, networks, forums, webpages, wikis, SMS, etc. We will dedicate a specific article to some of these channels, epspecialmente to the e-mail, that is the one that more affects us by its frequency.


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