Types of Spam

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Nowadays, on the 70-80% of all the traffic of e-mail at global level it is Spam, which means that protection antiSpam in the mail systems is absolutely essential.

The majority of messages Spam consists of commercials, of specific products and services, that usually are those in which the users more are interested. In addition, they are original of the black market, reason why the Spam is a fraudulent activity in felt double: by the means that the origin of the product uses (mail nonwished) and service that is offered (as falsifications of brands).

Soon they are the post office that suppose a fraud directly, for example asking for the adressees who provide their banking data. This type of mail knows himself as scam (swindle). And within these we have the well-known ones as phishing (identity impersonation), in which the sender is made happen through a legitimate organization, as for example a bank.

Another type of fraud is the Nigerian letters, in which spammer account an intriguing history of million dollars that it has acquired legal or semi-legalmente, and that cannot make cash in their country by the political instability, reason why requests the collaboration of the adressee contributing the data of its bank account.

As far as the content, approximately 50% of the Spam correspond to the following categories:

  • Content for adults
  • Health and Medicine
  • Technology of the Information
  • Personal finances
  • Education and training

The best techniques to defend to us of the Spam are the common sense (not to pay attention of communications without sense or unknown senders) and suitable computer science tools: filter antiSpam concerning Web server and anti-virus updated in the computer or another terminal.


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