Digital transformation

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The society has undergone a radical change in the last 20 years, as a result of the development of the new technologies, that has generated new forms of human relations. Everything is happening very quickly, without hardly time to adapt us to the innovations that see the light in this globalized world. We already live in a digitized society, to which we adapted according to our interest, and also our capacity to assimilate the new inherent logics to the technology, the computation, the automatization, the Artificial intelligence. We speak of the Digital Transformation of the society€¦ and the companies.

What is the Digital Transformation? How it affects to our enterprise activity? In order to give answer to these questions we were based on the book recently published digital Transformation: questions nail, of Francisco J. Fern¡ndez Romero, partner of Cremades & Bald Lawyers in Seville, that, from its deep knowledge in this field, has made a valuable guide who orders and structures the main ideas to us of this social and economic phenomenon.

We could say that the Digital Transformation is the process in which the Integra company the new technologies in all the scopes of its structure, as the administration, chain of production and management with the client, which supposes in fact a shift of paradigm, a new form of organization, a change in the business model, a renovation of the corporate culture. In words Of Francisco J. Fern¡ndez, €œthe enterprise digitalization is conceived as the Third Industrial Revolution, where the economy happens to be mechanical and analogical to digitalis. The implementation of the new technologies is made more and more essential, but its adaptation is not sufficient€.

The author differentiates between the adaptation to the new technologies and the immersion in them, and indicates that €œthe incorporation of software, hardware or intelligent programs of the rabid present time in the companies does not suppose, far from it entails, a technological transformation. A true digital transmutation takes prepared a deep change in the internal culture of our companies€. For Francisco J. Fern¡ndez, €œthe transformation is not bought, the transformation is implemented€.

That implementation positions to the company in the new economic surroundings based on the universalisation of the services of Internet, new forms of organization that incorporate for example telework, new ecosystems of marketing based on the data and their analysis, process automation, multinational conception of our strategies and commercial operations and, in short, enables us for the assimilation of the constant changes which we are put under. This has not done more than to begin.


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