Organization of the work in equipment with Trello

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The work of collaborative form power the good development of a project, when being based on the sum of efforts around a common aim. A person with talent can arrive far. Two people with talent can arrive there much more. The sum of knowledge and abilities that each member of an equipment contributes to the group allows that all can benefit and advance in €œknowing how to do€ and competition. Nowadays who only works one loses many things. He is better to collaborate and between all to grow and to improve; to work in equipment.

In this article we are going to speak of the organization of the work in equipment with Trello, an application of productivity that serves to organize projects, or are great and complex or small independent own works of or SMEs, but that they require of a minimum planning. It is a tool to consider in the digital transformation of the companies.

When we explained Trello we are explaining the Kanban method, on which one is based, a system devised by the automobile manufacturer Toyota. Its philosophy is based on the following thing:

  • The work must be developed with an order and procedure established previously.
  • We must be able to monitor the process at any moment.
  • The members of the equipment must have the opportunity to improve constantly thanks to the information that contributes to the monitoring and control of the job stream.

In Trello, for each project we created a board, that is where we are going to show to the tasks and their state. It is the equivalent to a plank of announcements of our office, but dedicated to a single project.

Once we have the board, following the Kanban method, divided to the project in tasks and subtasks, that is to say, divided a great project to segment it in parts smaller than we can control better. The fulfillment of those parts or small tasks will cause that we advance in the project, reducing stress and increasing our self-confidence. Several subtasks carried out complete a task and the sum of all the finalized tasks and by the established logical order will give as result the attainment of the project. If throughout this process there is something does not work we will realize thanks to the fact that we have it monitored, being able to propose some change (to focus the task or subtask of another form, to assign it to another member of the equipment, to provide to the member of the equipment the tool that needs, etc.).

Another concept nails is the one of state of the task, in which 3 categories (represented in columns) basic settle down:

  1. Slope (left column).
  2. In process (central column).
  3. Completed (Column right).

It is very important that we are changing the column tasks once change of state, which will help us to monitor the evolution of the process.

Finally, we will have to consider the allocation of tasks to the members of the equipment. Each member has to have a Trello account. When we created the project we add to the members of the equipment and to each task we assigned one or several people in charge of its execution.

The result of all this is a form incredibly easy to undertake complex projects. The key: to divide the project in small parts and to organize the work assigning the tasks to members of your equipment, changing the state of the tasks at every corresponding moment.

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