How to digitally sign invoices, budgets and other documents with Autofirma

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The document signature of digital form is very simple, the only thing that we needed is to have installed in our computer the Digital Cerfificado and the Autofirma program. This way we will be able to sign we ourself to cuaquier issued invoice or received or emitted budgets, as well as Authorizations KNOW or any other document. If you want to have a general vision of this subject we recommended to you to read our article on digital signature of a document.

This method of digital signature is based on a procedure where we used own resources, because the Certificate Digital and Autofirma is installed in our computer.  We did not use external platforms in the cloud of a supplier specialized, that usually are associate to licenses of use and other more complex companies, as the one of contracts where several parts take part, that must sign following a predetermined order. To this case we will dedicate a specific article.

Necessary tools

Digital certificate

The National Factory of Currency and Timbre sends it (FNMT). In order to obtain it you must be coordinated first with your consultant's office and soon with your City council. They will mark the time to you to follow. He is equivalent to your hand-written signature. Once you obtain the certificate is necessary to install it in the computer; if you do not know to do it we recommended you that you take it to your store of computer science, where you they can do by an economic price.


The digital certificate is the program of document signature using. It is equivalent to the hand and the ball-point pen that make your signature in the document. In order to obtain the program you can unload it from the official page.

Once we have installed in our computer the Digital Cerificado and software Autofirma, already we can sign any document. It will have taken some time to you, but already you have it for always and will cause that your processes are faster and simple, contributing to documents greater quality and legal validity.

How to sign received documents or to send

We are going to put as example a issued invoice. The process is really the same to cualquer document type. It follows the following steps:

1. We obtain the document in pdf (almost all the invoices, delivery notes, budgets etc., come already in this format).

2. We open the Autofirma program.

3. We drag the file to Autofirma and we chose the options of visualization of the signature.

4. We select the area where it will appear the signature.

5. We fit to source and size of the letter used for the signature and add an image, if we want.

6. We sign with the Digital Certificate.

7. We keep the ready document and to send.

We already have our document validated by means of qualified electronic signature, that is the one of greater legal validity. And we have done it of simple and fast form. Our adressees will receive a processed document of modern form. The electronic document signature within a company supposes a significant landmark in its process of digital transformation.

In order to extend information on electronic signature with Autofirma we recommended to visit the Portal of Electronic Administration.


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