How to send documents for its digital signature with Viafirma

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In previous articles we have reviewed the aspects nails of the digital signature of a document and the digital signature with Autofirma, that can be used for documents issued by us. But, what happens when we needed that it is the other part that signs the document, budget, contract, authorization KNOWS€¦? In this case we do not know if the other part has installed digital certificate in its computer or if it knows to use it, reason why is recommendable to use a specific solution of electronic signature. Many exist; we are going to use the one of Viafirma, a Spanish company that offers adapted solutions to each profile of professional, company or administration. He is of payment, but, unlike others, he has a pre-payment plan that, from 40 ‚¬, allows you to send tens of documents without needing a monthly subscription.

Basically this application works through a simple and intuitive interface and can be used in the Web, a specific application for computers or through a App of mobiles. The process is simple: you initiate session, you raise the document to sign and through the different options that offer the system you form how it is going to sign the client, who can be for example through verification by means of SMS or e-mail. The key question is that the signature method must as aim verify the identity of the signer so that the signature has legal validity.

Once chosen the signature procedure a mechanism of communications between the system and the adressee activates until this one signature the document. By our part we can see at every moment the state of the process.

It is a simple method that guarantees the legal fulfillment regarding the electronic or digital signature, costs little and in addition we give a modern image before our client, supplier or partner.

All the operation is in the user's guide of Viafirma.

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